As a restaurant, We provide our space for celebrations and events that are booked in advance and we also cater for ceremonies........

Perfect space for Events  

Celebrate your wedding day, birthday bash, holiday fiesta etc, at our restaurant

Not only do we serve delicious food, but we enjoy sharing our traditions and values with the community. You can Contact us to book a table, to enjoy a full Ethiopian culture session; from learning about the language, to enjoying the traditional coffee ceremony!

For more information, booking and requests, feel free to
Contact Us 

With event planning knowledge, we are happy to help you implement your ceremony layout on our restaurant floors, to cater for your special day 

Private Events

Immerse yourself with Ethiopian culture

Ethiopian spirit

Your special day, Our special food!


We also Cater!

What a way to celebrate your day with great yummy food, for everyone to enjoy. Wherever you are, we will deliver and cater our food, prebooked and decided by you, so that you and your guests enjoy a great experience

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Leeds, UK

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