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We Offer a wide variety of Cultural dishes with ingredients directly imported from Ethiopia to preserve its taste and with the skills and experience we have in the industry. Our traditional meals are served with Injera that is baked in the traditional oven.




We are confident that you will experience the tasty meals with variety of communities enjoying it.


Our Coffee ceremony, events organization and suitable hospitality are memorable. Come to Melkam megeb Restaurant with what you have in mind about Ethiopian culture and meals, and we will serve you beyond your expectations.




We are always focusing on quality and affordable service as per interests of our customers. To achieve this goal we are importing spices and ingredients from Ethiopia and prepare dishes here keeping their freshness and natural taste.


We are also offering family events or other occasion facilities. Our rooms accommodate up to fifteen persons at a time. Definitely you will experience the Ethiopian service and cultural values at Melkam Megeb.




We do roast our own coffee beans in the traditional way.

'Very nice restaurant. Good ambiance and customer service. Delicious food too.'

Our main goal has always been about familiarising the other side of the world to the experience of Ethiopia.


And so far, we have managed this by introducing Ethiopian food to the community.


So after a year’s worth of research, we decided to take this plan into action by opening an Ethiopian restaurant in Leeds.


161 Malvern Road,

Leeds, UK

LS11 6AH

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